Agyinasare given new one-week ultimatum by chiefs over Nogokpo comment

Torgbi Adamah told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) said the one-week ultimatum is seeking an apology and withdrawal of the said comment from the clergyman.

He disclosed the development to the media after a meeting with the National Peace Council and the Somey Traditional Council, where it was agreed that an amicable solution will be found between the parties.

“We have communicated our position to the Peace Council, and have tasked the council to communicate that position to the Archbishop. The Somey Traditional Council is giving the Archbishop a week’s ultimatum to withdraw the controversial comment and render an unqualified apology to the people of Nogokpo, the Somey Traditional Area and the entire Volta region,” he is quoted to have said.

Torgbi Adamah stressed that the Traditional Council had asked its lawyers to officially write to the Archbishop of the council’s decision and position and that the new ultimatum starts when he receives the said communication.

He said should the Archbishop fail to heed the traditional council’s demand for an apology, “the Somey Traditional Council would advise itself accordingly.”

The Paramount Chief noted that there had always been a negative perception about the people of the Volta region.

“This should not have been an issue, but the fact that the people of the region have over the years been perceived as bad people, affecting our marriages to other tribes and job opportunities, the Archbishop should not have uttered those comments in the first place.

“He is a respected and experienced man of God who should be uniting people and not passing divisive comments. He must render an apology to bring this matter to rest – we are not happy with this at all,” Torgbi Adamah said.

An earlier 15-day ultimatum elapsed days ago with Agyinasare refusing to publicly apologize as requested by the Council.

He rather hit back by stating that they should be wary in seeking to attack a child of God that he is.