2 policemen interdicted for failing to rescue colleague over ‘rat carcass’ attack

Two police men have been interdicted for failing to rescue their colleague when he came under attack by some youth in the Kumawu area of the Ashanti Region last Friday.

Constable Isaac Boiatey and Constable Evans Owusu were on duty with Corporal Sylvester Berhene at the Won Akotosu snap checkpoint near Kumawu in the Ashanti Region last Friday.

Corporal Berhene came under attack in the line of duty.

His colleagues, who were on duty with him have been interdicted for their seeming failure to rescue him, subdue the attackers and get them arrested.

They have been referred to the Police Professional Standards Bureau (PPSB) for investigation into their professional conduct.

The Director of Police Public Affairs, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Grace Ansah-Akrofi made the interdiction known in a press statement issued Sunday morning (April 9, 2023).


Meanwhile, a sixth suspect has been arrested for attacking the policeman.

A seventh suspect is on the run.

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What happened?

On Good Friday, April 7, 2023, at about 4:45 pm, three police men, Constable Isaac Boiatey, Constable Evans Owusu with Corporal Sylvester Berhene [in charge] were on duty at the Won Akotosu snap checkpoint near Kumawu in the Ashanti Region.

According to the police, initial investigation has disclosed that the six suspects, Edward Boateng, Evans Addo, Yaw Kusi, Michael Owusu, Yaw Boateng and Emmanuel Mensah, together with one other suspect who is currently on the run, were in a taxi cab.

They were stopped at a police checkpoint.

The taxi which was overloaded with seven male adults, according to the police caught the attention of one of the three policemen who were on duty at the checkpoint.

The police requested to search the car.

However, according to the police statement, the suspects in an attempt to prevent the police officer from checking the car, pounced on him violently.

A police reinforcement team which was responding to the incident succeeded in arresting six of the suspects.

The attacked police officer – Corporal Berhene who sustained a knee injury, together with one of the suspects who also sustained an injury were sent to the hospital.

A video depicting portions of the incident has been shared on social media. [Watch attached video below]

According to the police account, while Corporal Sylvester Berhene was conducting the search in the boot of the vehicle, some of the occupants became angry and pounced on him.


They reportedly struggled and put him down on the ground.

A video of that part of the incident is what has been shared on social media.

Fight over “rat carcass”

However, other reports quoting an eyewitness account suggest that the fight with the police man was as a result of an attempt by the policeman to take the carcass of a rat from the young men.

The young men were reportedly returning from a hunt and had the carcass in the boot of the taxi.

They reportedly resisted an attempt by the police corporal to take their meat, resulting in the confrontation.

The police man is alleged to have fired a warning shot, which resulted in the youth pouncing on him in an attempt to prevent him from being able to fire more shots.


The police surveillance team was contacted for reinforcement and when they arrived, the police managed to arrest three of the assailants namely Edward Boateng aged 20 years, Evans Addo aged 20 years and Yaw Kusi aged 22 years.

The others managed to escape but two of them were later arrested.

Watch the video below

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