We’ll extend deadline for SIM registration if necessary – NCA

The National Communications Authority (NCA), has indicated that it will extend the March 31 deadline for the ongoing SIM card re-registration if it becomes necessary.

The Authority’s Director of Consumer and Corporate Affairs, Nana Defie Badu in an interview on Accra-based Class FM said the ongoing process is being monitored and the NCA will ensure that adequate time is given for the process.

She explained that the NCA has no interest in deliberately preventing citizens from registering their SIM cards.

Long queues are being recorded at the various mobile network service centres across the country as many Ghanaians rush to meet the March 31, 2022 deadline set for re-registering SIM cards.

The situation has led to many people raising concerns about the process.

Some have requested for an extension of the March 2022 deadline over fears that the slow pace of the process will prevent many people from being registered.

According to Nana Defie Badu, no one will be deprived of the opportunity to register their SIM cards.

“For the NCA and the Ministry of Communication, one of the objectives of this is exercise is not to deprive people of using communication service. We want to make sure that people are using the communication services in a secured manner. We continue to monitor the process [and] if it gets to the stage where we have to extend the deadline, we will, because communication access is very critical for our development,” she said.

Meanwhile, the NCA has explained that it is necessary for citizens to physically present themselves at the various outlets of their mobile network operators to complete the re-registration process to prevent fraudulent activities with SIM cards in the country.

It has also urged the public to cooperate with the various stakeholders to ensure a smooth process.

Source: citinewsroom.com