Strategists don’t go to IMF: Ken Agyapong slams govt’s poor economic performance

Kennedy Agyapong, a flagbearer hopeful of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has strongly criticized the government for its poor management of the economy.

During his campaign address to party delegates in Kintampo, the Assin Central Member of Parliament expressed his concerns about the depreciation of the Cedi and its impact on the economy.

In his speech, Agyapong revealed that in March 2022, he possessed $40 million in Cedi equivalent, but by August of the same year, the value had plummeted to $16 million due to the devaluation of the currency.

Although he did not mention Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, who is also the head of the economic management team and an aspiring flagbearer of the NPP, it was evident that his criticisms were directed towards him.

“We will have troubles if we don’t do a clean campaign because I will reply to every claim made against me. You call yourself a strategist but when we were taking over power the Dollar was 4 Cedis, today One Dollar is Twelve Cedis and yet you call yourself a strategist.

“In March 2022 I had 40 million Dollars in Cedi equivalent, in August 2022 the value of the 40 million dollars had dropped to 16 million.”

Furthermore, Agyapong highlighted his own business ventures that provide employment for over 7,000 individuals each month, asserting that his experience positions him better to lead the country and create job opportunities compared to his competitors.

“With my Steel Plant, I am employing thousands of workers in this country by the next few months, I have the biggest Cold Store in the whole of Africa, as for you, the government pays you, pays your house girls, pays your security, you are living in government bungalows.

“But I pay 7158 workers every month in this country. So between the two of us who is the strategist? This is internal politics and so we shouldn’t be dirty but if they attack me I will reply.”