PSC Tema Dry Dock CEO, Keta Port Director instigating dismissal of shipyard staff – Minority alleges

The Minority in Parliament has accused the Chief Executive Officer of the PSC Tema drydock and the Director of the Keta port of instigating the dismissal of over 60 workers of the ship repair unit.

The Minority says documents available to it indicate that the authorities also intend to restructure the shipyard.

Ranking member on the roads and transport committee of Parliament, Kwame Governs Agbodza has also alleged that the new Chief Executive’s action of dismissing the staff has led to the shipyard losing some $700,000 weekly.

He is asking the Transport Minister to immediately intervene in the CEO’s planned dismissal of more staff.

“I believe he is aware of this thing because I am aware he went there in an attempt to calm the situation a few weeks ago. And indeed, when he did, things were normalised. But I am not sure if he is aware that Dr. Adusei is about to sack people on claims that he is paying them off and that some people were forced to resign. The victimisation and setting the workers to spy on each other must stop.”

“His focus should be how to get the vessels and other things coming there so that people can have job security. At the end of the day, it is all about people. I don’t think his emergence at the drydock is helping matters. I am calling on the Minister to urgently deal with this situation and stop Dr. Adusei from rendering the workers redundant.”