It takes more than a university degree to create wealth – Economist

Financial economist at Akenten Appiah-Menka University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development (AAMUSTED), Dr Evans Duah took the stage at the Wealth, Entrepreneurship, and Career Mentoring Summit.

Addressing the gathering, Dr Duah told students and staff that “Wealth has nothing to do with your certificates.”

“Certificates are but the beginning… they are not the source of wealth; rather, it’s the knowledge and how you harness it that truly matters,” he said.

Financial economist at Akenten Appiah-Menka University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development (AAMUSTED), Dr Evans Duah
Dr. Duah used Neymar’s salary at Saudi Al-Hilal, following his six seasons with Paris Saint-Germain in the French league, to illustrate that possessing university degrees is not necessarily linked to wealth.

Neymar’s agreement with Al-Hilal spans two years and is reported to yield a salary of approximately 100 million euros per season. His move to Saudi Arabia includes an extravagant £2.5 million weekly contract.

As reported by The Sun, Neymar’s new employers have presented him with three luxury vehicles, along with four Mercedes G Wagons and a Mercedes van for his entourage. A personal driver will be at Neymar and his loved ones’ disposal 24/7. The luxury cars consist of a Bentley Continental GT, an Aston Martin DBX, and a Lamborghini Huracan, collectively valued at over half a million pounds.

Al-Hilal has offered Neymar an opulent residence, thoughtfully stocked with Acai juice and Guarana drinks for his family and friends. The property boasts three saunas, five full-time staff members including cooks and cleaners, and encompasses 25 rooms with a swimming pool measuring at least 10 meters wide and 40 meters long. Additionally, Neymar will have access to a private jet.

Dr. Duah has noted that his observations over the years have led him to the conclusion that wealth is not necessarily tied to educational certificates. He cites Neymar’s significant earnings, despite lacking a formal degree, as an example. “Otherwise,” he contends, “Neymar, who has no degree, would not be amassing a fortune comparable to the lifetime earnings of a medical doctor.”

His words spun stories of self-made trailblazers who harnessed innovation and strategy to shape their own destinies by making good use of time, value, leverage, velocity among others. He said time does not repeat itself adding that, people are living and dying at the same time.

“Time is the greatest equalizer for both the rich and the poor,” highlighting that the rich will buy time to generate wealth, whereas the poor will expend their time to amass earnings for themselves.

“If you don’t master time, you will never be rich. If you don’t master the concept of time, you will never be rich.” Certificates, he argued, were keys to doors yet unopened; they unlocked opportunities, but it was the mastery of wisdom that unveiled the true treasures within.

Dr. Duah’s wisdom extended beyond the stage. He conducted workshops that ignited flames of curiosity, inviting entrepreneurs to share their journeys. These stories, woven with threads of resilience and audacity, painted a vivid tapestry of the entrepreneurial landscape.

Through mentoring sessions, Dr. Duah delved into students’ aspirations, dispelling notions that barriers were insurmountable. He planted seeds of possibility and nurtured the soil of determination, engraving upon their minds that wealth wasn’t confined to money; it included creativity, vision, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

As the summit concluded, the air was thick with inspiration. The resonance of Dr. Duah’s message lingered in the minds of attendees. Conversations echoed in hallways, a testament to the awakening that had occurred.

Dr. Duah’s impact was celebrated through awards, yet his true reward was the flourishing dreams of his mentees. Graduates ventured forth, armed not only with certificates but with the profound knowledge that wealth was an intricate blend of wisdom, innovative thought, and strategic action.

The story of the Wealth, Entrepreneurship, and Career Mentoring Summit was etched in the annals of The How Summit’s history. Dr. Duah’s words continued to reverberate, resonating in the hearts of generations. His legacy reminded all that wealth, far from being a result of certificates, was a product of working smarter, thinking creatively, and embracing the horizon of possibilities with unyielding determination.

Participants such as Cynthia and Robert Owusu, who engage in the DUAH Mentoring Club 100 Programme, which annually mentors 100 young individuals aged 18 to 40 in areas like leadership, entrepreneurship, wealth generation, and career direction, are now resolute in their commitment to being beneficial and making a positive impact in people’s lives

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