GHS worried over vaccine hesitancy in Volta Region

There is considerable hesitation among some people in the Volta Region in relation to the administering of the Covid-19 vaccines.

Although the vaccines have been sent to the region, a lot of people are yet to be vaccinated as they say they have no confidence in the vaccines.

This has seen a sudden extreme drop in numbers as most people, especially the youth, have failed to be vaccinated.

Speaking to Citi News, the Deputy Health Director in charge of Public Health in the region, Dr. Seth Senanu Djokoto, said, although the immediate impact may not be felt among the youth who fail to vaccinate, this may go a long way to affect their lives and others close to them.

“We have met with religious groups and their congregants all in a bid to vaccinate them at their convenience, but after all this, we have noticed that there is considerable hesitancy especially among the youth.”

“The youth think that, even without the vaccines, they are safe as most of them have not felt the brunt of Covid-19, so they don’t see why they should go and take the vaccines.”

He further stated that “a lot of misleading information” had also played part in why most people were not taking the jab.

According to Dr Djokoto, “although the youth may not realize they might not experience moderate to severe symptoms of COVID-19, they can carry it to their vulnerable parents and other close relatives who may end up losing their lives.”

He encouraged the public to go in for the vaccines since they were safe.

Some youth in Ho have been speaking to Citi News, and they attributed their reluctance in taking the jab to a lack of confidence in the vaccines.

Fred Kafui, who is a student, said, some reasons why he has not taken the jab is because of the “lack of confidence” he has in the vaccines.

“Because of the mentality that we have, we do not have the faith in the vaccines as most of the information we heard earlier has stuck in our minds. The conspiracy theories surrounding the vaccines have played a major role in us not going in for the vaccines.”

Unlike Fred, Roberta Donkor, also a student noted that, “it’s of the perception that, the vaccines may render the youth infertile and the rumours surrounding the whole vaccine has made even our parents to caution as against taking the jab.”

They, however, noted that, “they may be forced to take the vaccines when the need arises.”