Embrace digital marketing tools – event organizers urged at Institute of Digital Marketing graduation ceremony

Event organizers have been urged to embrace the vast potential of digital tools for the advancement of their businesses in a dynamic landscape where technology continues to reshape industries.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony and event Management Forum that brought together industry luminaries to discuss the future of event management and promotion organized by the Institute of Digital Marketing and Communication, Director of Training and Innovation at the Institute, Martin Thompson Ntem emphasized the critical need for event management professionals to adapt to the transformative effects of digital evolution.

He highlighted how digitalisation has ushered in a new era, where event organizers possess the capability to craft unparalleled experiences through cutting-edge technology.

“Digitalisation has left an indelible mark, challenging industry norms and positively impacting event management,” said Ntem. He noted the shift towards virtual events and the rapid adoption of online ticketing as clear signs of the industry’s digital transformation. These changes underscore the importance for event organizers to embrace these shifts to remain relevant in a rapidly evolving landscape.


The event, themed “Navigating the Future of Events Management and Promotion,” brought together professionals from various sectors of the industry, creating a fertile ground for the exchange of ideas and insights.

It aimed to equip local event planners and marketers with essential digital knowledge, enabling them to elevate their businesses to global standards.

Graduates of the session expressed their gratitude, recognising the value they received for their investment. They noted that the courses offered would help them stay abreast of the ever-evolving digital world and its trending tools, ensuring they are well-prepared to excel in the digital age.

Training Programme

The Institute for Digital Marketing and Communication Ghana, (IDMC Ghana), a renowned digital marketing and communication training institute, rolled out its 2-week professional development training program, ” Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Marketing, and Strategic Communications (AIDMSC) to empower marketers and communicators with crucial AI skills

Participants were offered invaluable insights from world-class facilitators, comprising renowned industry experts and esteemed academics, each contributing their vast knowledge and expertise to enrich the learning experience.

The esteemed facilitators included Prof. Modestus Fosu, Dean of the Faculty of Integrated Communication Science at UniMAC-GIJ; Prof. Kobby Mensah of University of Ghana Business School; Dr. Mrs. Andoh Akushika, Lecturer at UPSA; Dr. Ike Tandoh, accomplished Lecturer & Brand Communication Specialist; Dr. Albert Bossman, experienced Lecturer & Communication Consultant; Emmanuel Gamor, Senior Manager at MTN Ghana; Shirley Tony Kum, APR, ACIMG, Corporate Communications Manager at Vivo Energy Ghana (Shell Licensee); Abraham Dzagbletey, a highly regarded Digital Communication Consultant, and Martin Thompson Ntem, a proficient Lecturer and Digital Communication Consultant.

IDMC Ghana is recognised for its unwavering commitment to empowering professionals and businesses with innovative digital solutions that drive success in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape.

Source: graphic.com.gh