ECG rejects GH¢4m payment, disconnects Star Steel Company over GH¢10m debt

The Electricity Company of Ghana National Taskforce has rejected GH₵4 million part payment offered by Star Steel Company at Prampram.

ECG insisted on full payment or at least a 50% settlement to avoid disconnection of any customer that owes.

According to the power distributor, most of their targeted customers have deliberately refused to pay their bills despite consuming power over a 4-month period.

When the task force visited the Star Steel Company, the manager was willing to settle its GH₵10 million debt but pleaded to pay GH₵4 million instantly and GH₵6 million the following day.

This was vehemently declined by the task force, which subsequently moved to disconnect the factory from the national grid.

The company had no option but to switch to a secondary power source in order to continue its production.

Earlier, the task force disconnected Fabrimetal Company over a GH₵28 million debt after an inconclusive engagement with management.

The Electricity Company of Ghana has noted that it won’t spare any private company, state institutions, or residential properties that have failed to pay bills.

According to the manager of external communications, Laila Abubakari, ECG owes its power producers over $5 billion, a situation that puts the company in an uncomfortable position not to go after its debtors.