Don’t link your Ghana card to your bank account via social media link – BoG warns

The Head of Financial Stability at the Bank of Ghana, Dr. Joseph France, has warned the general public against linking their Ghana cards to their bank accounts through links sent via social media.

According to him, no bank has put it out there that clients can link their Ghana cards and bank accounts remotely.

He stated that this may be the activities of fraudsters phishing for your account details.

Speaking on JoyNews’ PM Express Business Edition, he stated that all linkages of Ghana cards to bank accounts must be done in the banking hall where the biometric data of the client will also be collected for authentication.

“We also saw on social media that there are people out there who are saying that persons must link their Ghana card to their account through some links and so on so forth. I think we have to say here and now that no bank has put it out there that you should link your bank account to your bank account remotely.

“You necessarily will have to go to the bank to do either your facial or biometric to link your account. You have to be very careful because fraudsters can cash in on that. Apart from getting your Ghana card, the bank will have to verify whether your Ghana card is actually genuine and that is why your biometrics and then your facial is very important and that is why your presence is needed.

“And so we shouldn’t give room so that we can have fraudsters also coming in cashing and taking advantage of the system. Because you’ll never be able to know who has put that link out there,” he said, June 30.

Chipping in, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Association of Bankers, John Awuah, stated that should anyone receive such a link, they would have to verify with their banks first to be sure if the link sent is indeed from the bank or not.

He further cautioned that links that demand you input very key credentials like passwords and PINs are fraudulent and be avoided.

“Also the point that has to be made is that no bank if it’s doing remote verification or update will ever ask you for your password, or for your pin number or for any type of credential that enables you to securely log into the system. No bank will ask you,” he said.

Meanwhile, starting July 1 all persons who have failed to link their Ghana Cards to their bank accounts will be unable to withdraw funds from their accounts till they do so.

They would, however, be able to continue depositing funds into their accounts till the linkage is done.

Ghanaians that reside outside the country and diplomatic missions on the other hand will be able to use their passports to access their accounts.