Close revenue generation gaps at Ports – Amin Adam tells GRA

Finance Minister Dr Mohammed Amin Adam raised concerns about persistently high corruption perceptions at Ghana’s ports during a recent visit to the Commissioner-General of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA).

He highlighted ongoing revenue losses attributed to the activities of clearing agents, shipping companies, and certain customs officials.

Dr Amin Adam, who assumed office following the recent ministerial reshuffle by President Akufo-Addo on February 14, emphasised the importance of closing any existing loopholes to maximize revenue generation for the nation’s development.

During his visit to the GRA on Monday, February 19, Dr Amin Adam underscored the need for concerted efforts to enhance transparency and efficiency in revenue collection processes.

“It is also time to roll out and expand the E-VAT mechanism, despite whatever challenges exist. We saw the potential collections from the Pilot Phase. We cannot continue to prolong and delay the implementation, especially under the programme.

“We must also work with renewed urgency towards reducing human contact in the revenue processes and introduce a faceless assessment system. This is a sure way to give taxpayers a great experience and boost revenue mobilisation.”

“Commissioner-General, as you may be aware, the perception of corruption in the ports of trade and entry remains very high. I have seen reports that tend to confirm some of these perceptions.

“And I know you all have received similar reports. We continue to lose revenue through the actions and inactions of clearing agents, shipping companies, and some of our own customs officials.”

Dr Mohammed Amin Adam also said that Ghana would be in a dire situation if it fails to meet some tax obligations to achieve targets set by the International Monetary Fund.

He is, therefore, urging the Ghana Revenue Authority to be proactive in addressing any gaps in line with its revenue generation.

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