Akosombo dam spillage: Citi TV/Citi FM procures milling machines for affected communities

Management of Citi TV/Citi FM has given another boost to its #Relief4LowerVolta campaign by procuring corn milling machines for affected communities.

The machines will help reduce the struggles that persons affected by the Akosombo dam spillage go through while trying to grind corn and other grain products to enjoy their favourite delicacies.

Given the critical role of grains in meeting their food requirements, these mills are set to significantly enhance and meet the nutritional needs of affected residents during this challenging time.

Communities in the Lower Volta are still counting their losses, which have had a devastating impact on food security.

Through the support of listeners and viewers, Citi FM and Citi TV have been able to bring relief to thousands of residents in submerged communities.

Management is currently putting up resettlement centers for the affected communities.

Source: citinewsroom.com