Agric Ministry confirms anthrax case in Upper East Region, announces safety measures

The Ministry of Food and Agriculture has officially confirmed an outbreak of Anthrax in the Binduri district of the Upper East Region of Ghana.

The Ministry announced the development in a press statement following laboratory analysis of samples conducted by the Veterinary Services Directorate.

Anthrax is a highly contagious bacterial disease that affects livestock and can be transmitted to humans.

The Ministry has highlighted the possibility of the disease spreading to other areas, emphasizing the need for immediate action to prevent further outbreaks.

To safeguard public health and prevent the spread of Anthrax, the Ministry has announced several measures including restricting the movement of animals, mass vaccination of animals and ban on the consumption of dead animals.

The Ministry of Agriculture advised the general public to remain vigilant and follow specific guidelines to ensure their safety.

Individuals are urged to purchase meat only from certified abattoirs to ensure its safety for consumption.

In case of animal deaths, citizens are encouraged to promptly report such incidents to the nearest veterinary unit or health facility in the affected area.

Click here to read the Agric ministry’s statement on anthrax outbreak in Upper East Region