Lack of wisdom, greed, cowardice: KKD explains why Ghana remains underdeveloped

According to him, Ghana continues to be underdeveloped because most electorates are not wise enough to elect good leaders for the country.

Speaking in an interview on Onua TV on Thursday, which was monitored by GhanaWeb, KKD added that the country is not developed because most Ghanaians are greedy.

“Some of us who joined queues to vote have weak minds, some are selfish, and so they have already taken t-shirts and sardines to go and vote; they do not vote based on wisdom and truth.

“Aside from this, most Ghanaians do not have courage. And in a country where only a few people are wise, only a few are truthful, and only a few are courageous, there will be no development,” he said in Twi.

A clear case in point, KKD said, is the recent mob killing of a soldier in Ashaiman.

He said that if the residents of Ashaiman had courage, they would have intervened to save the soldier as he was being attacked.

The Broadcaster added that the lack of courage, wisdom, and truthfulness is the reason why Ghanaians fail to hold their leaders accountable.

Watch the interview below:



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